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Weird Mystery Tales

Weird Mystery Tales
Weird Mystery Tales was one of DC's Bronze Age horror anthology books that took its place alongside other titles such as House of Mystery and The Witching Hour to provide young readers with monstrous stories that usually sported shock endings. WMT often featured art that was better than the stories themselves - typical artists included Bernie Wrightson, Alfredo Alcala, and Nestor Redondo. The series (24 issues between 1972 and 1975) overall tends to come off as being rather pedestrian to modern adult readers; most of us can see the 'surprise' endings coming a mile away. Still, it's kind of a fun look back at when horror wasn't so mired in the slasher genre. The average literate ten-year-old might still get a kick out of these little horrors, even if he did find them a bit old-fashioned.

Cult-worthy: The first three issues contain stories meant for Spirit World, Jack Kirby's experimental comics-magazine that, like his In the Days of the Mob, presented one issue but was ultimately not meant to be.

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