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Tales of the Zombie

Tales of the Zombie
Tales of the Zombie was Marvel's third monster-oriented magazine-sized comic, created to compete with Jim Warren's popular line of comic magazines. (Supposedly Stan Lee had come up with the titles to the magazines before any thoughts were given to the interiors.) It features the adventures of Simon Garth, an industrialist who is betrayed by a jealous gardener and murdered, only to be brought back from the dead through arcane voodoo rites. Throughout its run, the title focused on zombie-Garth's adventures, and also featured non-fiction articles talking about the undead, as well as stand-alone fiction pieces and even Marvel's own Haitian hero, the much- maligned Brother Voodoo. At times the writing of the comics stories was a little heavy-handed, but the art was usually very good. Creator Tom Sutton provided his own fill-in pieces done in his unique style.

One can only do so much with voodoo and zombies (the slow moving kind, anyway), and the book only lasted for ten issues plan an annual; but this was almost certainly because the entire Marvel magazine line was consolidating, as most of the titles from this period seemed to fold at about the same time.

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