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Sword of Sorcery

Sword of Sorcery

Sword of Sorcery was one of DC Comics's responses to Marvel's successful Conan book. It featured a pair of characters called Fafhrd - a big, brawny, redheaded warrior - and the Gray Mouser, a smaller, catlike thief. The two were characters created by writer Fritz Leiber, who traveled around a fantasy world similar to Conan's, and survived by their wits more than their swords. As in Leiber's short stories, the pair's adventures were a satisfying blend of the sword-and-sorcery genre with lighthearted adventure. Denny O'Neil scripted the comics stories, modeled after the short stories, with nice art by Howard Chaykin and Jim Starlin.

The series might have been a bit ahead of its time, however, because it lasted only five issues.

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