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Supergirl was the Maid of Steel's first solo title; she had already had dozens of adventures in backup strips in Action Comics and, more recently, Adventure Comics; but this was the first series entirely devoted to the often-popular character. But instead of nurturing the Girl of Steel's adventures and developing the book so that it could gain a following, DC seems to have not even cared what was going to happen to the new title. The writing by Cary Bates (certainly no stranger to the Superman family of books) was nothing special; while he should be commended for tryiing to flesh out a more human Supergirl, the results only seemed to diminish her super-human qualities. The art, while competent, was nothing spectacular, either. What is unacceptable, however, is the editing - the issue I have in front of me, #6, contains a handful of typographical errors. Who edited this, anyway? And did they really care about the book? The carelessness involved would seem to indicate that the people in charge did not. (There are no credits listed in this issue - can't say I blame them.)

The series lasted only ten issues. Backup strips included magician Zatanna and Melba Manton, a reporter for WGBS-TV in Metropolis (where Clark Kent worked after leaving the Daily Planet). If this was DC's attempt to create another girl-friendly title, they should have tried a little harder.

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