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From Beyond the Unknown

gorilla cover DC comic
So-so series of reprints from DC's older science-fiction titles, mainly from the 1950's. Especially in evidence is Julius Schwartz's aesthetic of turning every story into some sort of mystery or puzzle with a twist at the end. Lasting 25 issues, FBTU reprinted stories from DC's golden age of sci-fi, especially titles like Tales From the Unexpected, Strange Adventures, etc. The thinking behind the idea was a sound one: DC owned hundreds of short 'weird' stories (similar to what pre-hero Marvel was doing at the same time) that were well-drawn, if not exactly masterpieces of literature: why not put them back to work, giving modern kids a chance to groove on older stories? The effort wasn't a complete success, but it worked well enough while it lasted.

Cult-worthy: Check out this cover to #23 (redrawn for this series) with its preposterous story premise. What kid could resist buying the issue to see what crazy turn of events would lead a talking gorilla to try to take over the world using classic novels?

You can see a gallery of From Beyond the Unknown cover images here!

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