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Dracula Lives

Dracula Lives
Dracula Lives was a magazine-sized, black-and-white-interior comic from the 1970's, part of Marvel's larger effort to dominate the comic-magazine field and do away with pesky rivals like Warren Publishing. The effort was a failure, but some interesting issues did come out of it, especially those devoted to horror and monster themes.

Dracula Lives was on the shelves at the same time as the longer-running Tomb of Dracula comic. The continuities of the two overlapped, with storylines often weaving between the two; most of the time, however, the magazine tales were stand-alone stories, more generic adventures of the Count. Because of the magazine format, DL could afford to be a little racier - but, unfortunately, it rarely was. Instead, what we got were Dracula stories by various creative teams from the Marvel stable, alongside a partial adaptation of the original Bram Stoker novel and articles on the Count's doings in the movies. This provided a fairly decent mixture of material, but the main meat of the magazine - the comic stories - were only slightly above average most of the time. It was interesting to see the King of Vampires in various historical periods and different situations; but what this also meant was that the internal consistency and continuity of stories was uneven and ultiamately unsatisfying.

Dracula Lives ran for thirteen regular issues and one annual, which contained reprint material.

You can see a gallery of Dracula Lives cover images here.

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