Comic Books

I cannot remember a time, back unto the mists of early childhood, when I wasn't reading comic books. It seems to me that I have always known, even from birth, who Superman and Spider-Man and Tarzan were. Well, maybe I wasn't quite reading them until a little later, but I could always follow the story by the colorful pictures, and in fact I learned to read earlier than most of my peers thanks to my early adoption of the comics. Read about some cool comic book titles from my [arguably misspent] youth here.

Young Romance Amazing Adventures (2nd series)
Amazing Spider-Man
Avengers #1
Captain Action
Captain America #1 (Golden Age)
Captain Marvel (Marvel series)
Chamber of Darkness
Creatures on the Loose
The Dark Knight Returns
Dark Shadows
Doom Patrol (60's series)
Dracula Lives
Eighty Page Giant
From Beyond the Unknown
Ghost Manor
Love and Rockets
Magnus, Robot Fighter
Marvel Triple Action
Monsters Unleashed
Nellie the Nurse
Professor Coffin
The Punisher
Sword of Sorcery
Tales of the Zombie
Weird Mystery Tales
Weird War Tales
Weird Wonder Tales
Young Romance
Zap Comix